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Need A Better Guide To Which Regimen Will Be Best For You?

No Problem, Use This Page To Help You Figure Out The Best One!

Click On Any Of The Skin Issues To Lead You Directly To The Regimen Best For You! If You Need A Mix Of The Bundles Feel Free To Shop A'La Carte!!!

Our Golden Girl Regimen Will Be Helpful With Hyperpigmentation, Acne, And Inflammation! 

Our Turmeric Has Reviews For Helping With Stubborn Cystic Acne And Inflammation.


It Has Also Been Known To Help With Dark Spots And It Gives You An Amazing Glow!!


Get The Most For Your Skin By Purchasing The Large Bundle!


In This Case, The Large Bundle Is The Only Bundle That Comes With Our Scar Jelly And Kitchen Sink Mask! Our Scar Jelly Doubles Down On Dark Marks And Helps With Moisture! The Mask Is Great For Detoxing And Clearing The Skin Of Any Toxins While Tightening!


Our Oatmeal Regimen Was Curated For The Most Sensitive  & Stubborn Dry Skin Issues.

As We Sat And Thought About Dry Skin, We Considered How Long It Has Been An Issue. 

Dry Skin Dates Back To The Beginning Of Time!  So Why Not Dig Deep And Go Back The Route Of Our Ancestors? 

I Remember My Grandma Giving Me Oatmeal Baths For Dry, Itchy Skin And I Thought, Let's Give It A Try!

What Would You Know Oatmeal Is The Most ACTIVE Ingredient In Our Regimen For Dry Skin!! 

Try Our Large Regimen To Get The Best Result!

In This Case The Large Regimen Is The Only Regimen That Has Our Bath Milk And Bath Granola!

The ULTIMATE Soak And The Softest Skin Is Achieved With This Regimen!

If You Need Deep Exfoliation For Rough Calloused Skin, Our Coffee Is The Regimen Curated For You!

Our Coffee Products Are Made With Real Coffee Grounds! Our Soap Is Packed With Shea Butter And Coffee Grounds. It Washed Away Tough Dead Skin Cells And Replaces It With Deep Moisture!

Another Great Perk To Our Coffee Regimen Is That It Helps With Skin Tightening! Cellulite, Lose Skin,

& Wrinkles Are No Match For Consistency And Coffee!!!

Go For The Large Regimen And Get The Ultimate Moisture! 

In This Case, The Large Regimen Is The Only Regimen With Our Bath Milk And Bath Granola!! The Soak Of A Lifetime AND ULTIMATE MOISTURE!!!


Black Sands Is The Perfect Regimen For Clearing Out  Your Pores! Its The Perfect Start To Getting Some Skin Clarity All Naturally! 

The Active Ingredient In This Regimen Is Activated Charcoal. Think Of It As A Magical Magnet Zapper Thingy! Activated Charcoal Pulls The Skin Issues Out And Zaps Them! 

With Consistency, This Regimen Can Help You Clear Out Those Black Heads That You've Been Trying To Dig Out And Those Pimples You've Been Popping!

Poppyseed Is Also Found In This Regimen And Will Give A Gentle Exfoliation!

Go For The Large Regimen To Get The Best Bang!

In This Case, The Large Bundle Is The Only Bundle With Our Kitchen Sink Mask! This Mask Is The Ultimate Detox And Even Has Turmeric To Keep Your Skin Glowing!!!


Our Relaxation Regimen Highlights Our LavenRosenBerry And Anahata & Chill Soaps! It Also Is The Only Regimen To Come With A Coloring Book, Sleepy Stones And THREE Relaxing Soaps! Anxiety, Insomnia And Restlessness Are NO MATCH To This Knock Out Regimen!!!

Go For The Large Regimen To Get ALL The Above Perks!!!


Need A Good Regimen For Your Hair??

We Have Three Shampoos, And Two Conditioners To Choose From!

Our Berry Wild Is Amazing For Clarity And Our Mellamint And Oatmeal Is Great For Dry Itchy Scalp!

Need Something Specifically For Your Hair And Beard? Have No Fear, The Soap Dealers Are Here!!! Enjoy A Butter Or Balm, An Oil, And Your Favorite Soap!


HUGE Perks Come From UPGRADING TO A LARGE REGIMEN!!!! Get Your Choice Of A Flat Soap Bar,

A Massage Soap Bar,

Or Our Infamous

Soap On A Rope

That Lasts Months!!!

Not A Shopper?

Go BIG!!!!

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