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EspresYo Self Coffee Massage Bar

EspresYo Self Coffee Massage Bar

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The Best Part Of Waking Up, Is Folgers On Your... Make This Bar Your New Favorite Exfoliant! It Is Best Know For Its Benjamin Button Effect! That's Right! Coffee Is Known For Its Tightening  Properties. So, Yes, Its Basically Aging You Backwards, Rid Yourself Of That Stubborn Cellulite TODAY! Say Hello To A Fresh Gently Exfoliated Skin. Pair It With A Cup Of Joe And Our Coffee Deep Scrub. As A Plus, The Soap Has Added Shea Butter For Moisture And Added Vegetable Glycerin For The PERFECT Lather!

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  • ingredients

    • glycerine
    • shea butter
    • essential oils
    • coffee grounds
    • alcohol
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